our cause !

as with any world famous ... organized crime
it is everywhere here > just ..... their thing!
Therefore, there can be no humanity ... no homo sapiens
only victims and perpetrators?
only from this fact >

> can there be a " rule of law " ..... of a
organized crime !
where meaning less work is forced on the citizen >
where there are no fundamental rights !
where there is no possibility of a complain
because as soon as the cause endangers this  
.... organized crime!
because the applicant is simply ignored .....

> can there be parties>
that do not offer humane conditions
do not even allow a discusion !

they only
want to make the organized crime happy .... !

>  can
there be a "legislator" ....
that does not even intend to observe the basic human rights
just make a mockery of them  ....

> can the idea of creating ​​meaningless work ever be ....
because no work is no problem ..... but a success!
because then > all work less .... each year !
only 1 hour a day .... for all!
the rest of their time>
they show their finger to ..... the crimes !

> can there be a criminal administration>
not making sure of the safety of the citizen
but the safety of the organized crime !

> can there be a police department .....
concerned only ... about their safety .....
because would a cop>
once and read the basic human rights > with open eyes
then he would soon be in the "neurologists"  clinic !

these mindless ones > where there are only neurons ......

> may there be a " health system " .....
people only made more ill > through drug abuse >
slaughtered alive> all completely unnecessary!
because it serves the ellimination from any criticism ....
the perfect programming !
those criminals are so paranoid > removing any potential homo sapiens .....
putting them into their  psychiatry  wards  !
with chemical lobotomy > making of him another zombie!

this perfect ...
human despising regime
punishes the only .... potentially fair >
defaming .....  responsibility for our future !

un till they are gone and death
there while those who create disaster .... are supported
thus only the criminals are left ....
for the end of all intelligent life !

> can there be a dying industry .... creating all these diseases
in co operation with the entertainment industry!

> can there be a glorified death drink industry >
the aluminum cans ..... and all of the ascorbic acid
creating alzheimers  .... to create all this useless work!

> can there be millions of very dark to black skinned
genetically inappropriate> every winter in the nord >
guaranty of  vitamin d deficiency >
creating in the long term  health problems
because genetics is not turned on properly !

would a humane health department .....
let millions of such ever settle  there ...
so that they are making the native population of this region
with these
unsuitable genes .... as well useless .... ill ?

> can millions running freely around with their hiv infection >
so every one can become infected with this disease!
by a simple contact ....
decades ago this disease could have been wiped out
if those terminally ill > would be in quarantine
like any other dangerous contagious ......

can give it a health department!
into every house they may break into >
for drinking water samples to take ...

can there be .... all these un scientists !
proclaim all these mischief .... tolerate such mischief!
consequently all stupidifite completely !

> can there be  a geothermal vent to be not used every where >


can there be a "car manufacturer" .... which do not build cars
but ... propaganda > for the insanity >
where 3 mpg drive around in circles faster and faster
and nobody to  buy any car !
getting 300 mpg ......

> can there be "environmentalists" .....
to be
jetting off to canada> to saving glorified predators >

the world do not need ....
there are plenty of Inuit!

> can there be millions of wolves in human settlements!
where all children grow up as wolfs
because of the traumatizierung by these predators ......

> Can there be "nuclear power opponents" .....
all the problems with this .... a result of all the crime in this world
> can there be millions of passengers
flying >
because there is no interest on ... humane solutions

can there be no faith ..... where this all is discussed !
galactic religion

to summary ..... so it is not > that there are no human rights ....
but this is the perfect crime > because>
in the end not only of fundamental rights are not granted
but a mockery of the citizen will be made !
because he is a slave ........

galactic nation

counsil galactic central